"I've uncovered that there's these Men In Black Suits who monitor and police alien activity on earth. Up until now no one believes me, so I'm on a mission to prove that they're real and that's why I started this blog."

The Men In Black Suits Are Real

Two-Headed Trout Causes Controversy In Idaho

Posted by: Bugeyes126Published 2012 04 10 - 9:32am

A large amount of two headed trout are being spotted in some Idaho river. What if I told you Idaho was a very popular part of the country for alien sightings. Google it!!! It’s true. A two head trout is just an alien from a planet with creatures that seem to look like fish with two heads. The news is just another cover up… I’m sure of it.

MIBelievers, if you can find me a two headed trout I would be eternally grateful. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I want to ask it/he/she for an exclusive interview.

Hey, Men In Black Suits, am I on to something here???

Woman Swallows Sword For $50 Discount On Rat Skeleton

Posted by: Bugeyes126Published 2012 04 05 - 1:07pm

Yeah, totally normal human thing to do… no way this person is an alien. I mean who doesn’t swallow a long piece of steel so you can get a discounted price on a rat skeleton?

Hank For Senate: Cat Runs For Office In Virginia

Posted by: Bugeyes126Published 2012 04 04 - 2:05pm

Okay so let me get this straight, a cat is running for senate?! I mean a dog maybe, but a cat? Crazy talk. What’s next? Should we be looking out for a dog or a cat wearing a black suit? I mean if they’re running for office now, why not??!!!!!

Girl with the Boris Tattoo

Posted by: Bugeyes126Published 2012 04 03 - 12:01pm

MIBelievers, I need your help. Anybody recognize that woman? She’s the one in the commercial with a tattoo of the name Boris. Maybe she knows where I can find those cakes.

People Who Have Time Travelled for Real

Posted by: Bugeyes126Published 2012 03 30 - 10:38am

Time traveling has always interested me. Breaking the time-space continuum is basis for interplanetary space travel! MIBelievers, if you could time travel, would you stay on Earth or go exploring?

Best Places to spot a UFO

Posted by: Bugeyes126Published 2012 03 29 - 11:41am

I haven’t been to any of these places. But I bet The Men In Black Suits have!