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The Men In Black Suits Are Real

Particle Accelerator Built Just For Fun?

Posted by: Bugeyes126Published 2012 01 19 - 11:56am

I was doodling in science class yesterday, this image that I just couldn’t get out of my head. Wasn’t sure if it was something I’ve seen before or maybe just from a dream I had. My lab partner saw it in my notebook and said it kind of looked like some large particle accelerator?

So I looked it up, and these “colliders” can cost over 6 billion dollars! Yeah, billions spent to build this just to “see what would happen”. Not sure I buy it.

Using it to secretly transport aliens to and from distant plants seems more likely… Not that I think the Men In Black Suits have anything to do with this. They wouldn’t use this for interplanetary transport of ETs. It’s just a giant school science project! Right?